Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I made these with my own uterus!

We just got the school pictures in...Meet KeKe and Hadzilla!

Monday, October 16, 2006

It's my Birfday...yea--I said "birfday"--gotta problem with that??

So, today is my birthday, and I thought I would share what I got...(sorry, no new knitting pics yet--keep your pants on!)

I'll start with the gifts I got from the old man and the kids...T got me Season 3 of Arrested Development (RIP), and you can't see it that well in the picture--but he also got me a bottle of Vera Wang "Princess" perfume. It smells great!! The Ramones set was from my almost-10-year-old son. It's got an almost full library of their songs and a DVD full of interviews and videos. Funny story about this: Back in August, we were shopping for T's b-day, and I saw this. I picked it up and and told KeKe that this would make a great birthday present for me. Well, he actually remembered--which wouldn't be so strange, because he remembers alot of weird stuff--but this kid can't remember that I asked him to put his backpack away 5 minutes after I ask him. Hadzilla's present is not pictured--it's just a cute pair of pants...and some candy that has long since been eaten! Anyway, Family, I thank you for the super-great gifts.

The flowers and stuff arrived today--they're from my parents. You'll notice the Knit.1 and Creative Knitting. Che, this means you can have your Knit.1 back! You can see for yourself all the other things they sent me. And, since I'm such a nrrrrd, I included the wrapping paper in the pic. I couldn't help myself--it's really cool paper. (Obviously, it's the geometric paper under the candles, and the pink and black paper under the Lifesavers)

I'm still expecting a couple more packages, so when T gets back on Saturday with the camera, I will be sure to post again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PRGE questionaire update

I updated my questionaire below...the changes are in blue...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Some nature to brighten your day

Ok, so normally I don't make such a big deal about stuff like this (not that there's anything wrong with it), but there was something about the sky tonight that made everyone in the neighborhood go outside and take a peek.

The day started out sunny and warm, but it rained for most of the afternoon. Around sunset, the sky was taking on that weird yellow/green there-could-be-a-tornado tone, and the sun was setting behind the storm wall.

When we looked to the east, there was a double rainbow. Don't see those very often!!

Accept my apologies for the quality of some of these pictures. I never claimed I was a photographer!!


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