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Some nature to brighten your day

Ok, so normally I don't make such a big deal about stuff like this (not that there's anything wrong with it), but there was something about the sky tonight that made everyone in the neighborhood go outside and take a peek.

The day started out sunny and warm, but it rained for most of the afternoon. Around sunset, the sky was taking on that weird yellow/green there-could-be-a-tornado tone, and the sun was setting behind the storm wall.

When we looked to the east, there was a double rainbow. Don't see those very often!!

Accept my apologies for the quality of some of these pictures. I never claimed I was a photographer!!


Oh Oh OH!! Ive just learned why this happens! Its because of the particles in the atmosphere. In the day because most particles in the atmosphere are blue and the place the sun is after its revolution, the sky appears to be blue. And at the end of the day the red orange etc particles a settle at the end of the day because theyre are less. As for a rainbow, its just a reflection of a color way, sort of like a prism and the light particles are bouncing off of the sky and those are the colors that are being reflected. Ok yeah I know Ill say it to myself...NERRRRRDDDDD

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